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This BMW M1 Is the Ultimate Barn Find

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ebay BMW M1 Prototype

So many prototypes have been built in the course of automotive history, and they are a useful resource to see how a car’s concept began. Many of these cars are lost to time, but sometimes they are discovered out in a Bavarian barn. Such is the case with an original prototype of BMW’s M1.

The BMW M Series vehicles are renowned around the world for their style and power. The BMW M1 was built from 1978-1981, and was billed as a production race car. Originally, the car was supposed to be a joint project with Lamborghini and BMW, but the partnership fell through, leaving BMW to build the M1 alone. Supposedly, the BMW found in the barn is one of the very first prototypes of the BMW M1 ever made, and it was built by Lamborghini before the partnership fell apart.

The car was listed on eBay, and 24 bids had the historic racer up to $81,600. The auction has been stopped, though, and eBay says that’s because the item is no longer available. Whoever was lucky enough to stumble upon the car could earn a pretty penny from its sale (even though it looks as if it needs a fair amount of restoration), and MotorAuthority speculates that the car might have been sold offline, or its credibility was questioned.

Personally, I think it would be pretty neat if BMW swooped in to buy the car and add it to the nearby BMW Museum. Then we could all enjoy it.

News Source: MotorAuthority

Image Source: eBay