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This Is What You Get From a Toyota Supra TRD

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2020 Toyota Supra TRD Preview
Photo: Toyota

The 2020 Toyota GR Supra has yet to arrive at dealerships but already the company’s racing development branch is showing off what you could get by ordering a Supra TRD instead, and it’s virtually all in carbon fiber.

To start off is a three-piece front splitter, which lowers the car by a little over half an inch and increases downforce. Shark fins at the leading and trailing edges of the front splitter smoothen the airflow around the body and lower the ride height by an additional 0.16 inches.

Strangely, a set of carbon fiber panels seal the side intakes, which would raise eyebrows among those concerned about engine cooling. However, chief engineer Testuya Tada says the Supra does not actually need the side intakes to receive sufficient cooling. The vents are only there to look cool, and to provide more air once tuners get ahold of the car.

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The Supra TRD also benefits from a rear spoiler and a rear diffuser that wraps around the back to become a side spoiler as well. This reduces the ride height once more, this time by nearly an inch. Additionally custom parts include 20-spoke, 19-inch forged aluminum wheels painted in black, Michelin Pilot Sport tires, carbon fiber mirror caps, door garnish and even custom wheel locks.

In total, it adds up to a grand $23,522, or almost the price of a base Camry. That’s a whole lot of money for only minor improvements in performance, but the cost isn’t unreasonable. Carbon fiber is expensive, and there’s value to OEM-fitted parts. Still, if you’re the kind of person who likes the Supra because of its tuner reputation, you’ll be looking to spend a lot less for a lot more value.

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