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Tips on Preventing a Car Fire

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car fire
Photo: Tim Pierce

Car fires are very dangerous, and they happen more often than many people think. According to FEMA, an estimated 171,500 car fires occurred just between 2014 and 2016. Engineering or mechanical issues are often cited at the cause of these fires. To help ease your mind while driving, follow these tips on preventing a fire in your vehicle.

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Tips for gasoline-powered cars

Watch for changes in temperature, oil level, and fuel level

Quickly changing oil or fuel levels along with large temperature changes can be signs that you have a leak in your vehicle. Leaks can cause fires, so be sure to get your vehicle inspected if you notice extreme changes.

Be careful with gas

Transporting gas within the passenger compartment can be unsafe. The National Fire Prevention Association recommends only doing so with a certified, sealed gas can and only for a small amount of gas.

Pay attention to smells

If you smell burning rubber or plastic, this could indicate that the source of the odor may cause a car fire, so be aware of these smells while driving.

Tips for electric cars

Stay updated

Regularly check for software updates for your car. If you see an update, install it right away, since it could have important changes that could increase your safety.

Visit a mechanic

Having routine maintenance at a dealership’s service department could help impede fire hazards, according to Consumer Reports.  

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If you suspect that your car is on fire, immediately pull over, turn off your engine, and get out of your vehicle. You should contact the police and stay no closer than 100 feet from your car.

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