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Toyota 86 Goes Orange with High Performance Packages

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Toyota 86 Solar Orange exterior

If you like your sports cars with flashy colors that, frankly, would look absurd on your average family sedan, then you’ll love this piece of news: Toyota is launching two new performance-oriented packages for the Toyota 86 in its home market, including a Solar Orange Limited Edition that—as the name implies—comes in bright orange. Perfect for turning heads.

The 86 doesn’t exactly deliver the kind of performance you’d expect from the Lamborghinis that are more typically associated with bright, showy paint jobs such as these, but the color somehow suits the car nonetheless. And to be fair, with its 200 ponies and lightweight chassis, it’s no slouch.

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The first of the two packages is the GT Limited High Performance Package, which adds Brembo brakes, 17-inch alloy wheels, and Sachs performance dampers. The second is the aforementioned Solar Orange edition and with it comes Alcantara leather upholstery, orange stitching, heated seats, and Grand Luxe fabric dashboard trim.

Interestingly, this means that the version most designed to look the performance part is actually the one that gets no performance upgrades; however, buyers of the Solar Orange Limited Edition can specify their cars with the GT High Performance Package to get the best of both worlds. If that’s not enough, they can even throw in a rear wing and front underbody cover.

As mentioned, both packages are being made available in Toyota’s home market—i.e. Japan, and not the United States. Americans seeking the same options need to turn to the Subaru BRZ, which offers the same features its own Performance Package. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if Toyota eventually brought both packages over to the US to spice up the competition here as well.

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