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Toyota Announces New Safety Packages for Japanese Market

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Toyota ITS Connect

Toyota ITS Connect technology

Ever the innovator, Toyota recently announced a new safety package that will soon be available for three Japanese models. The system, called ITS Connect (Intelligent Transportation System), will help the vehicles communicate with one another on the road, thus decreasing the likelihood of a collision. Scroll down to watch videos of the technology in action.

ITS Connect uses two forms of communication—vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I). This will allow the cars to provide safety information to drivers, such as traffic signal information, and will alert drivers to vehicles or pedestrians lurking in blind spots. Toyota hopes that this new technology will reduce the number of accidents that occur near intersections, which account for around 40% of total traffic accidents in Japan.

The V2I communication includes Right-Turn Collision Caution, Red Light Caution, and Signal Change Advisory to keep drivers up to speed on potential changes ahead of time. The V2V communication includes Communicating Radar Cruise Control and Emergency Vehicle Notification, allowing drivers to keep a safe distance and stop when appropriate for emergency vehicles.

No word on whether or not this technology is headed to the US, but we can presume that, if it’s successful, it’ll be available on our shores in the not-too-distant future.

ITS Connect: Right-Turn Collision Caution

ITS Connect: Red Light Caution

ITS Connect: Signal Change Advisory

ITS Connect: Communicating Radar Cruise Control

ITS Connect: Emergency Vehicle Notification