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Toyota August Sales Continue to Climb

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August Toyota sales

August Toyota sales climbed thanks to sales of the Corolla

Last month wasn’t a particularly hot one for much of the country, but Toyota was on fire in August, and remained the number one retail manufacturer in the United States. Although Lexus and Scion both contributed to these outstanding figures, the real hero was Toyota division itself.

All in all, Toyota division sold 213,291 units last month, which was up 9.6 percent year-over-year. Volume-wise, that meant a sales increase of 5.7 percent from August of 2013. This was largely due in part to the best-selling Camry, which moved more than 44,000 units in August alone. Other key players included the Corolla, with sales up more than 23 percent; the Prius with sales close to 24,000; the recently redesigned RAV4, with a sales increase of more than 50 percent; and the 4Runner, which saw a massive increase totaling 67 percent.

Bill Fay, Toyota division group vice president and general manager, commented:

The industry had its best August in over a decade with sales topping 1.5 million vehicles. Boosted by standout SUV sales and a record-shattering month for RAV4, Toyota was the number 1 retail manufacturer in August.

Toyota Group as a whole sold 246,100 units, which was up 10.2 percent over August of 2013 on a daily selling rate basis. And with the refreshed 2015 Camry and Sienna waiting to make their debuts, we can only expect these sales figures to keep climbing in the coming months.