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Toyota Creates New Group Called ‘Connected Technologies’ to Enhance User Experience

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2018 Toyota Camry exterior

Further supporting the automotive industry’s shift toward becoming mobility service providers rather than mere car manufacturers, Toyota Motors North America (TMNA) has created a new division called “Connected Technologies” that will focus on “delivering industry-leading user experiences” and other new technologies for its Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Connected Technologies will consist of approximately 100 positions with employees taken from existing departments focusing on connected vehicles, research and development, and information systems. It will be based in Plano, Texas, and report to Zack Hicks, who will now continue in two roles as the CIO of TMNA and CEO of Toyota Connected North America.

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“Our new team will double-down our efforts on connected vehicles so we can provide our Toyota and Lexus customers a more human experience,” said Hicks. “Connected vehicles are the next step in a personalized driving experience, emphasizing your preferences as a driver thanks to better technology, improving the customer’s ownership experience over time.”

Toyota’s motivation for creating a new division focused entirely on enhancing the user experience is best explained by TMNA CEO Jim Lentz: “In-car, connected vehicle technology is a high priority for us because its impact on the customer experience is becoming an increasingly important factor in their purchase decision.”

In today’s world cars are no longer just tools to get from one place to another. As all our technologies becomes more and more inter-connected and integrated in everything we do via the internet and smartphone apps, so too are cars becoming more akin to mobile information hubs—and you can expect Toyota to stay ahead of the curve.

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