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Toyota Division the Number One Retail Brand in 2013

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2014 Toyota Camry - The News Wheel

Books fighting about what the New York Times thinks, eat your heart out: the Toyota Camry was the best-selling car in America for the 12th year in a row.

With the Toyota Camry being recognized as the best-selling car in America for the 12th year in a row, along with Toyota hybrids setting a brand new sales record, we think it’s safe to say that 2013 was an overwhelmingly successful year for the Japanese carmaker. Toyota begins 2014 safe in the knowledge that their year-end figures from 2013 make Toyota Division the number one retail brand for autos.

Toyota’s December was, like that of so many other automakers, not its strongest month due toconsumer trends leaning away from buying vehicles in the last month of the year.  Toyota division’s daily selling rate (DSR), which does not take into account holidays and non-selling days, was down only 0.7 percent from 2012’s figure; from a perspective of raw-volume, those sales were down 4.6 percent, which still managed to prove a stronger performance for the month than most other auto manufacturers.

According to Toyota’s press release, 2013 December Toyota sales (combining Toyota division and the Lexus luxury brand) increased 2.2 percent over 2012 December sales with 190,843 units. The Lexus brand managed an 18.1 percent increase on a DSR basis and a 13.6 jump in raw volume year-over-year, making their December performance among the best in the industry.

The biggest numbers, however, were the company’s figures for the whole of 2013: Toyota’s 2013 sales totaled 2,236,042, which is good for a 7.4 increase over 2012 (on both a DSR and raw volume basis) and the title of top retail brand for Toyota division.

The Toyota Camry was once again America’s best-selling car, the Avalon gained triple digits over 2012, and the Corolla was up four percent on the year. Further, Toyota’s hybrid vehicles retained a 60 percent market share and set all-time sales records during 2013.

“The auto industry was a consistent bright spot in the economic recovery throughout 2013,” said Bill Fay, Toyota division group vice president and general manager. “We expect the economy will continue to gain strength in 2014, with car sales rising to pre-recession levels.”

Do you think 2014 will end with Toyota division the number one retail brand once more? Share your thoughts below!