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Toyota Expands Certified Technician Program

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Toyota T-TEN certified technician program
Photo: Toyota

Toyota is expanding its T-TEN technician certification program to eight new locations across the country, bolstering the pipeline that helps ensure the mechanics at your local Toyota and Lexus dealerships really know what they’re doing.

T-TEN (Technician Training & Education Network) works with local schools and organizations to offer students training that meets the highest standards in the automotive industry. At the moment, students can attend the program at 36 locations in the United States.

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Via the certified technician program, students can earn not just Toyota and Lexus technician training certifications, but also ASE certifications and an associate’s degree. Toyota says graduation typically takes two years, though there are multiple degree and certificate options, including a 12-week crash course for active duty service members and veterans.

In September, T-TEN will launch its Technical Education College Support Elite program, expanding the program’s reach to eight new locations across California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Maryland.

Trained auto technicians are in great demand and are the key to any successful dealership,” said Joseph Myers, technician development manager for the T-TEN program. “We are grateful for the opportunity to expand the program’s reach to eight new schools and organizations that not only fulfills our needs, but also provides stable jobs and career security that aims to give vehicle owners the most satisfying service experience possible.”

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Since T-TEN’s founding in 1986, almost 12,000 students have graduated from the certified technician program — after which they are not required to work at a Toyota or Lexus dealership, though that option is certainly open. “Once participants complete the program, they have the ability to apply for open service technician positions at Toyota or Lexus dealerships, or any automotive service operation, including independent service and repair shops,” the automaker said in a statement.

In other words, Toyota isn’t just making sure that the mechanics at your local Toyota dealership know what they’re doing, but that the mechanics at other service centers are competent too. Thanks, Toyota!