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Toyota Feeling the Street Campaign Celebrates World’s Best Buskers

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If you live in or have ever visited a major city, you’ve probably noticed talented musicians demonstrating their skills on street corners and in subways, hoping to make a buck or two. Buskers are part of a city’s culture, and often you can find some incredible talent hidden where you’d least expect it.

Toyota Feeling the Street campaign

Now, Toyota is announcing a worldwide contest called Feeling the Street to find the most talented street musicians to join together and form a band. In total, six musicians will be chosen by visitors to the campaign’s website, and the resulting band will have the opportunity to travel to New Zealand for a nine-day tour between June 13th and 20th. Additionally, six roadies will be chosen to travel with the band.

To enter, musicians must submit a video that shows them performing an original song on the street. Then, visitors to the site will be able to pick a combination of their six favorite artists to create their ideal band. Voting will run through the month of May, and the final band members will be announced in June.

In addition to the website, fans can follow along by joining Feeling the Street on social media using the hashtag #feelingthestreet.