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Toyota Gazoo Racing Will Make Old-Gen Supra Parts Again

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Toyota Supra A80
Photo: Shadman Samee

Good news to current and would-be owners of the old-school Toyota Supra: During a Japanese festival celebrating the launch of the new-generation Supra, Toyota Gazoo Racing President Shigeki Tomayama announced the company would begin producing parts for the older models as well.

As part of a new “GR Heritage Parts Project,” the initiative will cover parts for both the A70 and the A80 Supras (which you might also know as the MkIII and MkIV, respectively). Toyota may later begin offering parts for other older models.

The decision to produce heritage parts among Japanese auto manufacturers is still somewhat atypical but may become a trend in the future, as some Japanese cars like the Supra and the AE86 are still developing their cult status and subsequently increasing in value.

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Porsche and Mercedes-Benz already run successful factory heritage parts programs and the Japanese may be looking to get in on the game. Last year, Nissan began putting R33 and R34 parts back into production for the Skyline GT-R, and Mazda is offering new parts for first-gen Miata roadsters and even doing full restorations for owners.

Tomoyama didn’t give a lot of details about Gazoo Racing’s own heritage parts program, saying only that “We cannot answer specific part names this time, but we will make every effort to meet the expectations of the owner.” He also omitted to mention when the company would begin selling the old components, what components would be offered, and whether they would be available outside of Japan.

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