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Toyota Helps U.S. Hispanic Community “Go Green”

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Toyota Helps U.S. Hispanic Community “Go Green”

2013 Toyota Prius

Whether it’s through improved operations and production or new eco-friendly models, Toyota is continuously trying to improve sustainability and inform consumers about “going green”.  In their latest initiative, Toyota is targeting the U.S. Hispanic community, which has shown great interest over the past few years in becoming environmentally aware.

Toyota has enlisted the help of several notable Hispanic figures, including Chloe Bridges, Jon Secada, Ana Flores, Yarel Ramos, and Gina Rodriguez, to inform the Hispanic community about the importance of living a “green” lifestyle.  Each celebrity influencer will receive a Toyota Prius as part of the initiative.  They will use social media platforms to share their green lifestyle tips and their experiences driving the Prius.

The initiative began on May 28th in Miami and Los Angeles.  If you are interested in learning more about “going green”, you can follow the Hispanic influencers as they document their eco-friendly journey on Facebook and Twitter.

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