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Toyota Jan is Here to Help in New Commercials

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toyota jan
Photo: The News Wheel

When I am home every day with my kids trying to work during the coronavirus lockdown, one of the things I’ve looked forward to is my runs on the treadmill watching TV (currently One Tree Hill) before everyone wakes up. I’ve noticed the latest thing on TV right now is every single company you’ve ever bought something from letting you know that they care. Luckily for fans of Laurel Coppock, Toyota’s spokesperson Jan has stepped up (from home) to help spread the word about how much Toyota cares about its customers.

ToyotaCare: Peace of mind comes standard

Coppock has been at the forefront of several Toyota commercials in a series called “Toyota is Here to Help.” Thanks to the magic of (presumably) greenscreen, Toyota Jan is able to share several important messages with Toyota owners (or prospective owners). 

Here to Help: Open to Serve You

The commercials mainly focus on Toyota service centers, many of which are open if your vehicle needs routine maintenance, major service or repair. Jan reassures us that Toyota’s service centers are cleaned thoroughly and are following distancing guidelines. Many dealers offer online scheduling as well and will clean your car post-service.

Here to Help: On the Road

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Toyota is also offering some deals on its most popular models in case you need a new car during this time. If you’ve been thinking of taking the leap to new car ownership, you can get zero-percent financing on several popular Toyota models, including the Camry, RAV4, and Tacoma. You can also get a 90-day payment deferral if you’re struggling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here to Help: 90 Day Deferment

Keep following The News Wheel for more information on how Toyota and other automakers are handling the COVID-19 pandemic.