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Toyota Joins Chukuo University, JFA for Elementary School Project

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Kokoro JFA Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation and Chukuo University in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan have announced that they are teaming with the Japan Football Association (JFA) and Toyota City for a project that will inspire kids to participate in team sports.

The project is based upon the JFA’s previous Kokoro Project and brings athletes from JFA, TMC, and Chukuo University into Toyota City to visit elementary schools. The athletes will talk to children about the benefits of playing team and individual sports, as well as impart their personal experiences with sports and how they helped to shape them as individuals.

“Toyota has been involved in sports since its foundation,” says Toyota president AkioToyoda. “Throughout our history we have confronted and overcome major challenges and, since becoming president, I have also faced many difficult situations. During those times, I took courage and strength of spirit from sports and from Toyota’s sports teams. Sports can bring a smile to the faces of people throughout the world.

“Through this project, we want to demonstrate the joy of sports and the importance of pursuing a dream and having hope for the future. There is no greater pleasure than to bring a smile to the face of a child,” Toyoda added.

Kokoro JFA Toyota

There will be 22 elementary schools involved: Motoshiro, Shinmori, Obayashi, Komaba, Hanayama, Wakazono, Ichigi, Josui Kita, Takane, Terabe, Itsutsugaoka, Asuke, Wakabayashi Nishi, Kamitakimi, Tsutsumi, Nishi Hirose, Hirai, Miyama, Koshimizu, Josui, Koromogaoka, and Nakagane. Around 50 different athletes are expected to participate in the program.