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Toyota Land Cruiser: One of the Top 10 Greatest Car Icons

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2014 Toyota Land Cruiser

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser

According to Edmunds, the Toyota Land Cruiser is considered one of the top 10 greatest car icons, enduring the test of time.

What distinguishes a product as great? Or a celebrity or work of art for that matter. Does Subway make great sandwiches because each sub is hand crafted with exactly the ingredients you want? Hold the onions, please. Were the Backstreet Boys great because everyone knew their songs and belted them into a hair brush? Who knows? We can, however, tell you what makes the Toyota Land Cruiser one of the greats in the automotive world.

For starters, the Land Cruiser has the longest production run of any Toyota. Production began in 1951, its purpose being to serve the Japanese National Police Reserve. This set the tone for the following 62 years of its life as a distinguished “Jeep” of the world with stellar four-wheel-drive functions.

Since its beginnings, the Toyota Land Cruiser has seen nine generations, fourteen model lines and variations numbering in the thousands. More recent versions have seen a catering to the comfort and luxury side SUV’s promise today. Still, it has maintained its distinction, providing off-road capabilities for those requiring a durable and rugged 4×4.

According to Toyota’s official blog, the Land Cruiser is the “most customer-trusted vehicle” in the world.

We can’t exactly pinpoint why Kim Kardashian is considered one of the great names in celebrity news today. But are you starting to see why the Toyota Land Cruiser is one the top 10 greatest car icons?