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Toyota Releases Statement Regarding Controversial Indiana Religious Freedom Law

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Last week, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a law that captured the attention of the nation. Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act has attracted a lot of press—both from supporters and from opponents—and companies across the nation have been speaking out against the law that essentially allows businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community by refusing service to gay people if they believed it interfered with their religion.

Toyota Indiana

Toyota produces four successful models, including the Highlander, in Indiana

Over the last few days, numerous automakers with interests in the Hoosier State have issued statements against the law and Governor Pence, including Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Honda, and Subaru, and now Toyota has joined in to discuss its thoughts on the matter.

“Toyota has long been a corporate leader in supporting equality for everyone, reflecting our fundamental value of respect for all people,” Nancy Hubbell, Lexus Public Relations told The News Wheel. “We do not condone discrimination in any form and we have taken appropriate steps to ensure that our team members are treated equally within the company.

“Our position is that inclusive treatment of all people is good for the workplace, marketplace and society as a whole.”

Toyota in particular has an interest in this new law, as the Japanese automaker has a large plant in Princeton, Indiana, producing the Sequoia, Sienna, Highlander, and Highlander Hybrid. The plant employs 4,500 people, and works with local suppliers throughout the area, making its impact in the region gigantic. In all, Toyota has invested $4.1 billion in the state of Indiana since the plant’s founding in 1996.

Toyota Indiana

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana

Hopefully, Toyota’s statement will be taken into account along with those of the aforementioned automakers, NASCAR, and huge corporations and governments across the country who have threatened to cut business ties with Indiana if this law remains in place as it currently is.

At the time of writing, Governor Pence has stated that he will make changes to the law in order to eliminate discrimination.