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Toyota Restroom Finder App Does Exactly What It Says (and More)

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Restroom Finder

Restroom Finder

Who among us hasn’t been in a position where they were traveling along the highway in the midst of an extended road trip and were suddenly struck by the urge to go. You know. To go. The only problem: you haven’t the faintest clue where the nearest restroom is.

Toyota is looking to make sure that this same scenario doesn’t befall customers using its T-Connect or G-Link telematics systems, thanks to the all-new Restroom Finder app set to launch on May 21st.

Restroom Finder will be particularly useful for helping locate bathrooms suited for those with special needs, as well as care beds, diaper-changing tables, and ostomate facilities. The app allows users to search based on their needs and set them as destinations for their navigation system.

Thus far, the app is only available for three prefectures (Aichi, Gifu, and Mie) in the Tokai region of Japan. This alone covers 191 facilities and 228 special needs bathrooms, as well as less-detailed bathroom information about 1,837 convenience stores.

Available data includes hours and holidays, floor plans, disabled parking spots, restroom locations, ease of access between parking and restroom, and even what toilet paper is available and how the toilets flush.

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