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Toyota Reveals Awesome Supra Sport Top Concept

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Toyota GR Supra Sport Top (SEMA Concept - front)
Photo: Toyota

The SEMA Show ended over a month ago, but that isn’t stopping Toyota from revealing more concepts. The automaker showed off four cool builds during its official SEMA presentation in November and now has unveiled another four just ahead of the holidays, with the 2021 GR Supra Sport Top taking center stage.

“We saved the best for last, and today we’re proud to show off our latest creations, the 2021 GR Supra Sport Top and the TRD-Sport Trailer, among some additional content as well.” said Ed Laukes, group vice president, Toyota Division Marketing.

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Toyota GR Supra Sport Top (SEMA Concept - rear)
Photo: Toyota

The Supra Sport Top is already being praised on the internet for its sweet body kit and visual touches that harken back to the iconic MKIV Supra of the late 1990s. It features a removable roof with two composite panels, which take up most of the space in the Supra’s trunk if that’s where you choose to store them.

Unfortunately, removing parts of the roof compromise the Toyota Supra’s structural integrity, so Toyota engineers had to reinforce large sections of the vehicle’s frame, leaving us to wonder how much the concept weighs.

Heavy or not, it’s a looker. At the back, the Supra Sport Top has round taillights and a basket-handle wing that you’ve probably seen before, on the aforementioned MKIV Supra. And while we’re not in love with the body panel gaps introduced by the kit, we’ve got to admit they give the car a nice shape without going over the top.

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Alongside the Supra Sport Top, Toyota also showed off an adventure-ready TRD-Sport Trailer, a retro-inspired 2020 GR Supra Heritage Edition, a 4WD Overland-Ready Tacoma, and Ornamental Conifer Supra, named after the British artist who hand-painted the car.

Unfortunately, the whole point of SEMA is to show off cool concepts that will probably never be made. It’s a shame, because we think a Supra Sport Top would make an excellent Christmas present.