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Toyota Supra Spied Doing Donuts on the Ice

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Toyota Supra / BMW Z5 test mule

Given how long we have waited for a next-generation Toyota Supra and how many rumors have circulated before the car was finally all but confirmed, it’s been difficult to keep a lid on our hopes and giddy anticipation for the car.

Whenever some new spy photo or test video emerges, it gets even more difficult. So you might have imagined our childlike excitement when we saw that the upcoming Supra test mule had been spotted playing on a frozen lake (or maybe it’s the BMW Z5 prototype, it’s unclear at this point how to tell them apart).

There are still so many unknowns about the car that we wonder how it can be possible that so many web pages—including some of our own—are filled with talk of it. It hasn’t even been officially announced by either Toyota or BMW!

Still, there’s plenty of information to be gleaned amid the rumors. Talking to Autocar, Gazoo Racing boss Koei Saga revealed Toyota is planning to launch a new performance division for road cars that would use the name of its official Gazoo Racing motorsport arm. Actually, we knew this already, but Saga also shared this juicy bit: one of the first cars the performance division launches could be the new Supra, which may very well end up being called the Toyota Supra Gazoo. But now we’re speculating again.

Nonetheless, thanks to the latest test video of the car, there’s at least one thing we can know for sure: the Toyota Supra/BMW Z5 can do some proper snow donuts, and it doesn’t sound too shabby while at them either.

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