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Toyota Tests Office Environments for Plano Headquarters

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Toyota Plano Texas Headquarters

A rendering of Toyota’s new headquarters in Plano, Texas

If there’s one thing office workers across the world know, it’s the importance of having a nice work environment. While the norm tends to lean towards cubicle farms in a variety of bland colors, some companies are realizing that their employees might actually be more productive in a light, welcoming space complete with—shocker—windows.

Toyota is currently testing out different office environments for its new headquarters in Plano, Texas, which is under construction and expected to open late 2016 – early 2017. Rather than going with the cheapest décor, Toyota is taking its office design seriously, awarding four manufacturers the opportunity to design state-of-the-art workspaces to see which one is best suited to the new campus.

Rather than the typical shades of grey, beige, and blah, the four manufacturers—Herman Miller, Walter Knoll, Haworth, and Steelcase—are designing open and inviting office environments which feature brightly colored furniture and plenty of modern graphics. Around 350 employees are already testing out the four environments, and their feedback will help Toyota decide upon the best design for its new headquarters.

“We from the California coast realize that the environment we had there – which was more tall wall cubicles and offices – needed to move to this more open type of environment,” explained Doug Beebe, Toyota Motor North America’s corporate manager of real estate and facilities. “We need a space that allows you to get your personal work done but within a short walk or turn of the chair to be able to collaborate or communicate.”

We’d like to say that it’s only a matter of time before the rest of corporate America makes similar changes to its offices, but we’re pretty sure that beige cubicle farms are here to stay for most companies for the foreseeable future.

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