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Toyota to Introduce New Turbocharged Engine for Redesigned Auris

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Last month, Toyota revealed a refreshed Auris hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show. While the Auris isn’t currently sold stateside, it was important news for us American gearheads since a version of the Auris is slated to head our way in the near future adorned with Scion badges. Now, Toyota has announced a second turbo engine to be offered in the next Auris, and we’re hoping to see it, or a version of it, heading our way under the hood of an upcoming model.

Auris turbocharged engine

The new Toyota Auris

The engine in question is a 1.2-liter direct-injection turbo motor that’s paired with a single-scroll turbocharger. This turbocharger uses an integrated water-cooled exhaust manifold that allows adaptive intake cooling that’s unaffected by the engine’s thermal load. What does this all mean? Better acceleration and higher torque—and, presumably, a more fuel-efficient engine.

Refreshed 2015 Toyota Auris

Inside the next Auris

Toyota estimates that this new turbocharged engine will be good for around 114 horsepower and 185 lb-ft of torque.

The introduction of this engine comes at a time when consumers are looking for more power and efficiency without necessarily having to make the switch to hybrid. And while Toyota has found much success in the hybrid market over the last decade and a half, the automaker realizes that conventional engines still make up a much larger percentage of overall vehicle sales across the globe. Engines like this 1.2-liter turbo offering help keep customers who are looking for the ultimate mixture of power and efficiency, but aren’t necessarily ready to make the leap to hybrid.

Stay tuned for more on the Auris, and when we can expect a version of it to make its way to our shores disguised as a Scion.