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Toyota to Make High-Performance Variants of Its Entire Lineup

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Toyota Supra GR
Photo: Toyota

Not long ago, the Toyota brand was widely associated with reliability at the cost of excitement. Now, the automaker continues to top all the major reliability surveys, but has made a big turnaround with regards to its cars’ driving dynamics.

It now offers a Camry with a 300-horsepower V6, has kept the 86 alive despite Scion’s demise, brought back the Supra sports car and, with the help of Toyota Racing Development and Toyota Gazoo Racing, seems to be intent on offering a high-performance variant of just about every vehicle in its lineup.

In fact, according to a tweet by Toyota Great Britain, the company is planning just that. “There are plans in the pipeline to introduce high-performance variants of all models in the future… Watch this space!” it said in response to a tweet requesting a Hilux GRMN.

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Traditionally, Toyota offers TRD variants for its rugged SUVs and pickup trucks, and GRMN variants for cars, though this is not always the case. The Tacoma, 4Runner, and RAV4 were all shown off with new TRD editions at the Chicago Auto Show, and the Camry, Avalon, 86, and even the Prius have all also received a TRD makeover. Meanwhile, GRMN has already had a go at the new Supra and the 86 and just this month announced a new Corolla GRMN.

What we’re really curious about, however, is how Toyota plans to approach a potential Sienna or Highlander high-performance model, especially given Toyota’s own admission that it wouldn’t give the Sienna much thought until 2021.

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