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Toyota Trademarks Prius Prime Name

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2016 Toyota Prius spy shot Prius Prime

Spy shots of the 2016 Toyota Prius
Photo: Indian Autos Blog

The automotive industry is filled with reports floating around that invariably grab the interest of journalists and create all kinds of rumors. Just last week, the news that Toyota had trademarked the name “S-FR” spurred rumors that this would be the name for the upcoming Supra replacement. And now, the Japanese automaker has trademarked yet another name that has set tongues wagging: Prius Prime.

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The latest trademarked name isn’t the new video streaming service from the Toyota Prius. Well actually, it could be. We really don’t know what it means for sure. Chances are it’ll be a high-end trim level that joins the beloved hybrid when it enters its new generation in 2016. Or it could be a luxury new Prius model, a la Prius c or Prius v. The thing with rumors is that until someone official explains the source, all we can do is guess.

2015 Prius c Prius Prime

The 2015 Prius c

Perhaps our initial guess is right, and the next-gen Prius will come with its own two-day shipping and music/video streaming. We’ll just have to wait until Toyota reveals the new hybrid sometime later this year.

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Via: Green Car Reports