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Upgraded QuietTuning Systems Key to Buick Enclave’s Newly Hushed Cabin

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2018 Buick Enclave

The 2018 Buick Enclave features a much calmer cabin, thanks to upgraded QuietTuning systems

The 2018 Buick Enclave is making noise in the large crossover segment by dialing back the sound.

With advances in Buick’s QuietTuning systems, the Enclave’s interior is quieter than ever. It easily filters out noises from the powertrain, the road, and surrounding traffic, making it easier to enjoy conversations and infotainment. This is a valuable new selling point for the seven-seat crossover, which has turned into a major success for Buick.

Buick’s parent, General Motors, worked on several fronts to block, absorb, and reduce noise in the Enclave.

The primary component of QuietTuning is active noise cancellation technology developed by Bose and Panasonic. Active noise cancellation makes road sounds, body vibrations, and acceleration much less intrusive for occupants. The technology uses microphones to eliminate low-frequency noises by emitting a second sound that cancels out the original one.

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The 2018 Buick Enclave’s reduced noise makes it much easier for occupants to listen to music and participate in conversations
Photo: Buick

Engineers also designed the Enclave with materials — including laminated window glass, carpet, dash panels, and cargo area liners — that effectively absorb and deaden noise.

The Enclave’s body was welded to make it stiffer and quieter, the powertrain mounts were redesigned to limit vibrations, and the muffler is double-wrapped to reduce exhaust-system noise. Towing is quieter now, too, thanks to acoustic treatments that block rear noise and reduce the louder engine noises that result from pulling heavy loads.

Engineers had to walk a fine line between keeping the Enclave’s price tag reasonable and incurring new costs for premium noise reduction. While the base model’s price tag did increase by nearly $1,000 for 2018, the Enclave’s quieter cabin appears to be worth it for buyers. The Enclave has risen to No. 4 in the large crossover segment, and sales are up more than 15% so far this year.

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