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Vandals Dump Pizza on Michigan Man’s Jeep Three Times in One Month

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Nobody wants pizza delivered this way

Today is national Pi Day, and while the annual celebration might actually be in honor of the mathematical constant Pi (π), many individuals across the country take the opportunity to indulge in the dessert known as “pie.” Others instead choose to opt for a pizza pie to indulge in. However, one man in Troy, Michigan, is certainly not happy to see that variety of pie keep showing up on his driveway.

That’s because vandals have dumped whole pizzas on his Jeep three times in the past few months.

The latest of these occurrences reportedly took place around 4 a.m. on Monday, February 19. The Troy resident reached out to police after discovering his Jeep Compass covered by both pizzas and the boxes they came packaged in.

What’s even odder than the news that someone would waste perfectly good pizza on such a pathetic prank is the fact that these pizza pranksters are likely repeat offenders. The Jeep Compass owner told police that this odd form of vandalism had taken place twice before during the month of February alone.

According to the Troy resident, he has no idea why anyone would want to cover his Compass with Italian cuisine. Furthermore, the man was unable to identify any possible suspects who might be responsible for the act.

Since that story broke three weeks ago, no details about any additional pizza-based incidents have come up. There’s also no word on what brand of pizza was utilized, nor what kind of toppings came with it. Seeing as how there haven’t been any updates to the story, we can only hope that these immature pizza pillagers have abandoned their pizza-wasting ways.

News Source: Detroit Metro Times