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[VIDEO] Toyota Yaris WRC Rally Car Getting Ready for 2017

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Toyota Yaris WRC Rally Car

The Toyota Yaris WRC

Forget that fifth cup of coffee this morning—we have something that will really wake you up. The Toyota Yaris WRC rally car, which will help Toyota return to the World Rally Championship in 2017, has just been revealed, and this teaser video is enough to break you out of your end-of-week stupor and get you ready to face another day.

The Yaris WRC is fitted with a 300-horsepower 1.6-liter direct-injection turbo engine and Michelin tires, allowing it to speed around corners both on- and off-road with ease. The car will be slightly wider and shorter than its production counterpart. We don’t yet know the full specifications, but from the video we gather the Yaris WRC can go very fast, and will be a real contender come 2017. Test driving has begun, with competitors such as Eric Camilli and Stephane Sarrazin from France, and Sebastian Lindholm from Finland on board as drivers.

Toyota Yaris WRC Rally Car

2017 will mark Toyota’s first year competing in the World Rally Championships since 1999. Before it dropped out of competition, Toyota won 43 events over 26 years, as well as three World Championship titles and four constructors World Championship titles. This will be the first time the Yaris has been chosen as a rally car—previously, Toyota made rally versions of its Corolla and Celica models.

Toyota Yaris WRC Rally Car