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[VIDEOS] 5 Things That Will Happen if You Buy a Toyota Camry

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Toyota Camry commercials

The 2015 Toyota Camry LE at the Chicago Auto Show

We know that real life doesn’t always live up to the expectations you might get from TV, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from reality and enjoy shows and commercials for their entertainment value. With that in mind, we re-watched some of the most recent commercials for the restyled Toyota Camry and came up with a list of five things that are sure to happen if you buy a bold 2015 Camry.

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5. You’ll Get to be Part of a Mardi Gras Parade

In The Bucket List, a man takes his dad on the trip of a lifetime to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. In his Camry, of course. They somehow manage to get stuck in the middle of a parade and ride along in the Camry for a while, before getting out of the car and mingling with the parade attendees. Result? One happy dad, one emotional son.

4. You’ll Become a Rule-Breaker

Time to Celebrate depicts a man taking his wife out on the town to celebrate her MBA. But they actually end up driving through a funfair, which is, well, illegal. They end up being chased through the park by security—flashing lights and all—but who cares when you’re driving a Camry! Amirite?!

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3. You’ll Drive Like a Stuntman

Picture the scene: your wife is pregnant and wants ice cream. But not just any ice cream—a very specific ice cream that is sold by only one food truck in the entire city. So, naturally, you get in your Camry and hunt down the ice cream truck, pulling stunts in the manner of James Bond chasing after a leggy blonde. If you own a Camry, don’t be surprised if this happens for any craving you might get. Better start those stunt driving lessons now!

2. You’ll Meet B.B. King

When you buy a storage unit at auction and happen to stumble upon a guitar once owned by B.B. King, the natural thing to do is drive your Camry to his show, go backstage, and present the legend with his once-loved musical instrument. And, of course, B.B. King signs it and gives it back to you, because he’s a good man. And because you drive a Camry. None of this would have happened if you drove a Honda Accord.

1. You’ll Hook Up with a Movie Star

The newest commercial, Movie Premiere, is perhaps an example of the absolute best thing that will happen to you when you own a Camry. First, you’ll be invited to a movie premiere (because Camry). Then, you’ll see a beautiful movie star posing for the camera and wish you could meet her. And finally, as you’re getting into your car and leaving, the movie star will knock on your window and ask for a ride to escape the hordes of paparazzi waiting to ambush her (because Camry). The rest is up to you and your signature moves (and your Camry).