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Vintage GMC Truck Transformed into Snowboarding Motor Home

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1953 GMC Fire Engine Snowboarding motor home fire truck camper conversion
This modified GMC Fire Engine is really cool
Photo: Nitro Snowboards

Never underestimate the creativity of passionate truck owners. Or snowboarders, for that matter!

Professional snowboarder Austin Smith set out on a multi-month, cross-country sporting adventure in a most unusual form of transportation: a vintage GMC Fire Engine converted into a snowboarder’s home away from home.

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Modified 1953 GMC fire truck makes the perfect snowboarding motor home

As showcased in a recent video by Nitro Snowboards, Austin’s eye-catching ride is a 1953 heavy-duty rig that has traded fighting fires for something cooler. Thanks to a bevy of special modifications, this former firetruck is now a bona fide camper, packed to the gills with (almost) everything an adventurous snowboarder could ask for. And yes, that includes a reliable heat source: a small (but mighty) wood-burning stove that also features a built-in surface for boiling water.

The converted truck features plenty of cabinets and counter space for food storage and preparation, as well as two beds, a large canister for drinking water, external storage racks for those snazzy snowboards, and a charming little “porch” that gives the entire truck a homey feeling.

That’s not to say that this unique vehicle carries all the comforts of home. You won’t be finding anything resembling a full kitchen (including many of the appliances you’d traditionally find in one), a dining area, or any complex electronics in this camper. One other amenity the camper lacks in a bathroom, which might turn off a fair number of aspiring adventurers. But not Austin; to him, the limitations of his ride are all part of the fun.

What the truck lacks in interior space is more than made up for by the significant “under-the-hood” upgrades it has received. With a modern powertrain featuring four-wheel drive and a Cummins diesel engine, allowing it to easily plow through snow, this modified motor home is able to overcome the added weight of the miniature house on its back and carry its occupant to his next wintery adventure.

Or, at the very least, to a proper restroom.

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