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‘WandaVision’ is Totally Sponsored by Buick

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Red 2016 Buick Verano Sport Touring
Photo: Buick

Each episode of the new television series WandaVision reportedly cost $25 million to make, adding up to a whopping $225 million when the ninth episode drops next Friday, and we have an inkling that Buick probably helped make the expenditure a little more palatable for Disney.

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You may sometimes notice that major movie and TV characters happen to drive cars that look just a little too good, that those cars are just a little too well presented. Where other cars always seem to be slightly out of focus, or their badges neatly cut out of the frame, one specific car will stand out among all others as the camera’s darling.

Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark and his various exotic Audi cars are the most famous example of this in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But what about an Avenger who isn’t a billionaire playboy philanthropist, like Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff? In WandaVision, she drives a Buick.

(Spoilers after this point). Disney didn’t exactly try to make it a secret. Throughout the show, Wanda and Vision always drive a Buick. When they arrive in Westview in the season premiere, they do so at the wheel of a 1956 Buick Special — just the right kind of car for someone looking to live a sitcom-friendly American suburban life.

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Later on, that same car becomes a 1972 Buick LeSabre, then a 1980 LeSabre, and then a Buick LaCrosse. And here’s the beauty of it: there’s an in-universe explanation for why Wanda’s car is always a Buick. As viewers learn mid-season, everything that enters “the Hex” — the hexagonal area where Wanda controls reality — gets automatically transformed to be appropriate for the time period, which advances by about a decade every episode.

In the eighth episode flashback, we see Wanda visiting Westview for the first time, and her trip to the plot of land that would become her house plays out like a bonafide Buick commercial. The car, an appropriately scarlet 2019 Verano, flaunts its stuff for the camera — and when Wanda eventually steps out, the frame is perfectly positioned to show us the badge and nameplate.

That’s when we learn it was the car Wanda had with her when she created the Hex, meaning that when we see that ’56 Special or ’80 LeSabre, it’s actually the same car changed to fit the time period. After all, Wanda may have a lot of magical energy at her disposal, but there’s no need to waste any of it changing the brand, is there?