What Cars Would the Characters of Star Wars Drive?

The new Star Wars movie comes out in December, and we have a whole summer to get hyped up for it. Ever since the first movie trailer came out, the world famous space series has been showing up all over the place. The newest addition is this awesome image from CJ Pony Parts that shows what each Star Wars character would drive if they lived on Earth today.

what would the characters of star wars drive - star wars infographic

Now, there could be several possible vehicles for some characters, but CJ Pony Parts narrowed it down to one each–and quite a few are dead-on. For example, I could absolutely see R2D2 in a white and blue Mini Cooper and C3P0 in a bright gold Smart Car. And having Jar Jar Binks in a purple PT Cruiser with flames…just awesome.

There are others that could go a number of ways. Sure, Luke Skywalker could drive a 1989 Camaro IROC Z during The New Hope, but he’d probably trade it in for something a little more stylish after Return of the Jedi.

Boba Fett is another tough one. I can totally see him in that black McLaren P1, but he might want something a little more useful like a Jeep or pickup truck when he’s actually doing his job as a bounty hunter.

A few choices go for the comedic factor. Lando would for sure drive that gold Hummer, and Jabba the Hutt could surely be seen oozing out of a creepy brown windowless van. The Ewoks jumping all over an old hippy bus would be pretty funny to see as well.

So what do you think…which ones were right? Which ones were wrong? Comment on our Facebook Post:

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Posted by The News Wheel on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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