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What Color Will Make You Feel Happiest? Hyundai Discovered the Answer

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Blue most positive color happy hue psychology test Hyundai car brain

Do certain colors make you happier or sadder?

Chances are, you’ve never given much thought to the colors that you surround yourself with–what your wear, the car you drive, the colors of your home. Yet, studies and experiences have proven that color has a substantial influence on people, particularly emotionally. Color isn’t just a matter of preference; it can actually impact our mood, anxiety, and confidence.

Recognizing that the most popular vehicle color in the Western world—and a color that’s widespread across buildings, streets, and offices—is grey, Hyundai wondered if the pervasiveness of grey had an impact on people, and if there was an ideal color that made us the “happiest.”

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Hyundai Finds the Happiest Color on Earth

If you didn’t know, Blue Monday—usually the third Monday of January—is called “Blue Monday,” asserted by some as the most depressing day of the year when considering weather conditions, debt level, post-holiday fallout, and such. To turn the 2018 Blue Monday into something positive, Hyundai UK set out to discover what the most positive color is. Ironically, the answer is… blue.

Blue most positive color happy hue psychology test R74 G27 B227

This is R74 G27 B227, the most positive color

By organizing an experiment which invited people into rooms saturated with specific colors and monitoring their brain activity, color psychologists discovered that, not only does the emotionless neutrality of grey have a negative psychological influence, a certain shade of blue had the most consistently uplifting effect on participants: R74 G27 B227.

Although the color blue is often associated with sadness (i.e. “feeling blue”), this hue is stimulating, energizing, and comforting.

Knowing the psycho-physical effects of color on consumers, Hyundai injects touches of color throughout its vehicles’ interiors and exteriors as accents to vitalize its customers.

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Blue most positive color happy hue psychology test Hyundai car body

Blue is a common color offered on Hyundai vehicles