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What is Lincoln Drive Control?

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Lincoln has done a lot more to reinvigorate its brand than simply changing its name to The Lincoln Motor Company.  The most apparent modification has been the redesigned exteriors across its lineup, but Lincoln’s enhancements run much further than skin deep and in order to experience the most innovative among them, like Lincoln Drive Control, you would have to get behind the wheel.

Lincoln Drive Control in not simply one feature, but rather a combination of three technologies.  The first aspect of the revolutionary drive train is continuously controlled damping.  This feature utilizes 12 sensors to constantly monitor suspension and body motion.  It is then able to adjust the suspension in milliseconds to deliver the smoothest right possible.

The second aspect of Lincoln Drive Control is electric power-assisted steering, which automatically adjusts the firmness of the steering depending on your speed; fluid steering at low speeds and a tighter feel at high speeds.

Finally, Lincoln Drive Control employs active noise control, so that your driving experience is not only smooth, but quiet – free of outside distractions.

Which aspect of Lincoln’s revitalization do you think is more important; new, sleek styling or innovative features like Lincoln Drive Control?