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What Should Toyota Jan Name her Baby? Camry or Sienna?

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She's deciding between Camry or Sienna... Let's Put it to a Vote!

What Should Toyota Jan Name her Baby?

What Should Toyota Jan Name her Baby?

Last week, Toyota announced that Toyota Jan, the beloved character from Toyota’s successful and aptly-named ‘Jan’ ad campaign, is pregnant. When actress, Laurel Coppock, announced her pregnancy to the company, Toyota decided to write the Jan character as pregnant, too. It’s about time, since most pregnant actresses on television end up doing all of their scenes behind a giant fern or well-placed furniture.

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It was also announced that Jan will be choosing between two names for her baby, ‘Camry’ or ‘Sienna’.  A Toyota rep recently remarked, “We think Jan might be leaning towards Camry or Sienna, but would be open to hearing name suggestions from our extended Toyota family.” While we had some name suggestions of our own, we thought we’d highlight some of the advantages of Jan’s name choices:

Toyota Jan names her baby Camry?

2014 Toyota Camry

Toyota Jan names her baby Sienna?

2014 Toyota Sienna

Baby Camry

In a recent poll conducted by Toyota, 92% of visitors to the Toyota site said that Camry drivers can improve the world. Stats also say that 82% of Camry drivers are right-handed, and 28% of Camry drivers have modified their Camry to best suit their needs. Sounds like Jan’s little Camry is one smart free-spirit.

Baby Sienna

The Sienna’s tagline is currently ‘Mommy Like’, which bodes well for a possible little Sienna, who might end up with a knack for staying on Mommy Jan’s good side. The 2014 Sienna offers a panoramic movie screen and ultimate comfort in reclining captain’s chairs with built-in ottomans. Baby Sienna sounds like a sweet, creative, and comfortable kid, already.

What Should Toyota Jan Name her Baby?

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