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When the Worst Happens: What to Do in a Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycles at the Honda Heritage Center

On a tropical island, sometimes the only mode of transportation available is a motorcycle. A lot of tourists and locals alike enjoy the fresh breeze that comes along with riding at full speed.

While many find riding a motorcycle to be an exhilarating experience, there are risks to keep in mind. A study made by independent bodies showed that motorbikes are more prone to accidents than cars or other vehicles.

If an accident does happen, you should remain calm and collected. Here are some more tips on what to do if you have a motorcycle accident.

Damage Assessment

First and foremost, you need to assess the damage of a motorcycle accident. Before helping others in times of accidents, you should ensure your own safety first. Simply moving away from the crash site should place you in a safer position.

Essential Riding Accessories for Motorcycles

First aid should be administered by the professionals. If any part of the body is bleeding profusely, pressure should be applied to prevent shock from setting in. In the case of broken bones, assess first whether mobility can be helpful or not. Sometimes, casual bystanders who “offer help” can become the cause of such injuries.


If no one requires immediate medical care, you should prioritize the documentation of the accident. Reporting relevant details makes police investigation much easier. Pictures of skid marks, damages, and the motorcycle itself are also important.

The 300 millionth Honda motorcycle produced was a 2015 Honda Gold Wing

2015 Honda Gold Wing

Contact Insurance

Contact your insurance agent immediately. Being late in reporting such accidents can void the insurance claims for some accidents. Even during long trips, reporting should be done within a day or so because a good insurance company is more likely to have resources for you to get back on your journey.


No one can deny the fact that riding a motorcycle is a fun time. However, accidents can happen, no matter the length of the trip. Knowing what to do at such times is advantageous.

Primary damage assessment and first aid should be the top most priority. Also, truthfully reporting pertinent data to police officers is a must. Even bottles of beer or the smell of alcohol are relevant matters because it is a clear indicator of DUI or driving under the influence. Insurance is also crucial since it can be the only thing that stands in the way of canceling a long and enjoyable trip.

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