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When Will We See the Infiniti Electric Car? Not Anytime Soon…

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Infiniti electric car

The Infiniti LE concept was unveiled in 2012

A few years ago at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), Infiniti unveiled a concept electric vehicle (the Infiniti LE) that took Nissan’s Leaf and gave it the Infiniti touch (read: more luxurious and fancy and things). The automaker talked about the production version of its EV being available at dealerships sometime in 2014. But, as we now know, that didn’t happen.


While the reason for Infiniti’s change of heart isn’t clear, Nissan officials mentioned at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show that the project had been put on hold due to other, more pressing projects in the works. (Like the production version of the Q60 concept, please.) Of course, it could just be that Infiniti is holding off on releasing the EV until it has seen marked improvements in the Leaf’s battery technology, which currently has a rather limiting range of just 84 miles per charge.

Infiniti electric car

Demonstrating the LE concept’s inductive charging function


An additional feature of the Infiniti electric car will be inductive charging. This means that, instead of having to plug the vehicle in to charge, the driver can simply park the car over a plate and allow it to charge itself. Pretty nifty, right? We’ll be keeping our eyes out for more updates on this car, so stay tuned!