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Will Mazda Debut a Hard-Top MX-5 at New York?

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2016 Mazda MX-5 Blue Reflex

Mazda has been creating buzz lately by sending out early copies of its invitation to the New York International Auto Show, containing two parts: a black card that announces a Mazda “World Premiere,” and reading “It is out great pleasure to inform you that we will unveil something new at the New York International Auto Show,” and a folded hexagon containing the message, “Help us blow the lid off at the New York Auto Show. Stay tuned…”

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The opinion leader seems to be Autocar, which predicts that this mysterious promise of “something new” points to a hard-top version of the fourth-generation MX-5, to be called the MX-5 Roadster Coupé. Largely, Autocar bases this prediction on an interview late last year, where Mazda told the site that the next-generation hard-top MX-5 would feature a lighter and more compact folding roof mechanism, plus that enigmatic phrase “help us blow the lid off.” This would be a hit in the UK, where the last hard-top accounted for 80% of sales of the MX-5.

Several other news outlets have also picked up the story, mostly agreeing with Autocar, and we can’t exactly refute their logic—just as the winter is ending would be the perfect time to show off a new convertible. Plus, that “blow the lid off” would be a pretty good teaser joke.

However, that doesn’t mean that is the only thing the “lid” could be. The “something new” could also be a debut of Mazda’s new rotary engine, coupled with an excuse to show off the brand’s SKYACTIV engines.

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Mazda RX-VISION concept

Plus, possibly a more in-depth look at this beauty

Mazda set the automotive world abuzz back in October when it revealed its rotary-engine sports car concept, the RX-VISION, which would feature an engine called the SKYACTIV-R that would solve the issues associated with rotary engines which led to their initial disappearance from the market. According to rumors, the engine would make use of twin rotors with a semi-hybrid system and capacitor-powered electric turbo, allowing an incredibly low hood.

Either way, we will know on March 23rd.

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