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Young Boy Steals Family’s Car to Meet Snapchat Stranger

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Kid driving car Snapchat
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Photo: David Kessler

Every so often, a story makes the news about a child stealing their parent’s car to go for a joyride. However, while a young boy from South Carolina did steal his family’s car this week, he was intending for more than just a daring ride. He was driving to meet a stranger from Snapchat and then live with him.

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Details on the incident

According to the Charleston Police Department, the 11-year-old boy took his brother’s car and then drove for around 200 miles during the night. At about 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the boy pulled up beside a police officer in downtown Charleston.

The boy revealed to the officer that he had driven from Simpsonville, South Carolina, by himself to meet up and live with a male he met through Snapchat. He had been following directions on his tablet until it lost the GPS signal, and he subsequently got lost.

After being told the boy’s name, the officer was able to contact the boy’s father. At the time, the parents were reporting their missing child and missing vehicle to the Simpsonville police. The boy has since been returned to his family.

The Simpsonville police are currently investigating the incident and took the boy’s tablet as evidence. You can learn more about what happened by reading the release below:

To help keep your children protected on the Internet, establish and maintain open communication between you and your children. Also, make sure they know the risks of meeting up with an “online friend.”

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Although the boy was safely brought back to his family, the incident is still an important reminder to keep your child informed about Internet dangers.

News Source: USA Today, SCSafetyNet