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Buick Enlists Supermodel To Demonstrate How To Incorporate Yoga Into Daily Driving

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Buick Verano Enlists Supermodel To Show How To Incorporate Yoga Into Driving Commute

Supermodel Bar Refaeli is the star of Buick’s new Happiness Body Shop video
Photo: Buick via YouTube

As part of its promotion for the 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive program, Buick has released a video featuring supermodel Bar Refaeli to demonstrate how to incorporate yoga into your daily driving commute.

The video is narrated by yoga expert Chad Dennis, who calmly explains various yoga poses you can do before and after your commute to relax your muscles, make you happier, and help you take control of the road. Refaeli acts out the poses Dennis speaks about during the video, but admits that she herself is a yoga novice.

“Yoga helps me unwind and it helps my soul and my mind,” Refaeli said. “It’s such an excellent idea. More people will be relaxed on the road, which is so important.”

The video was made to promote the 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive event, in which potential customers are given the opportunity to test drive a Buick for an entire day. This program will allow qualified buyers to see whether or not a vehicle can handle a day in their busy lives. They also won’t feel the pressure of driving with a salesperson. Potential consumers leave their regular cars at the dealership while performing the 24 hour test drive.

The program kicked off July 22nd at participating dealerships. Besides making this yoga video, Buick has also teamed up with other meditation experts and masseuses to create more images, GIFs, and videos that promote happiness, calmness, and tranquility.

Here is the Happiness Body Shop video starring supermodel Bar Refaeli: