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Make Your Road Trip Exciting with Fun Road Games

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Fun Road GamesAre we there yet? What time is it?  I’m bored!  How much longer? …These are all a parent’s worst nightmare when the family is trapped in a car for several hours on a road trip.  Next time you head out on the open road, keep some of these fun road games in mind!

–          License Plate Game: One of the most popular versions of this game is finding the letters of the alphabet in order on different license plates.  You can play as a team or have a free-for-all competition.

–          Name that Tune: This is great for music lovers!  Whenever a song comes on, the first person to figure out the title wins.  You can even make it harder by including the artist.

–          The Grocery Game: This is a fun memory game.  The first person starts out by saying, “My father owns a grocery store that sells… (something that starts with an “A”).”  The next person would repeat the phrase stating the item starting with “A” and adding an item starting with “B”. Play passes around, continuing through the entire alphabet.  Players that forget items are out and the winner is the person who can remember the most!

–          Team Storytelling: One person in the car starts off the first line of the story.  Then, each person adds their own line to the story.  This game can get pretty hilarious, and the kids can even write it down or draw pictures!

–          Rock, Paper, Scissors: This is a popular game to play and super easy for all ages.  Every one playing makes a fist and says “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot”.  On “Shoot”, each player makes the gesture correlating to one of the three items.  Don’t forget, paper beats rock, rock beats scissors and scissors beat paper!   And don’t let the kids trick you -there is no atomic bomb in this game!