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Nissan Drivers Make The Best Dates

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Nissan Vehicles in Paris

February is the perfect month for romance, and if you’re single the pressure is on to find a perfect date. According to a recent study by the UK’s Psychometrics Center at Cambridge University, you can narrow your search down considerably by looking for a partner who drives a Nissan vehicle.

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Psychometrics is the term given to the study of observing mental traits and abilities, especially to create personality profiles. The team at Cambridge University determined that vehicle design was a perfect component of personality assessment, and conducted a cross-sectional study of 824 European drivers to compare Nissan drivers to other brands.

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We already knew that BMW, Audi, and Land Rover drivers, while probably more wealthy than your average Joe, are most likely to commit acts of road rage, This particular study revealed a lot about the average Nissan driver’s personality than was previously known. Of all the drivers surveyed, Nissan drivers were the most personable. They also tended to be more interested in social justice, and often put others’ needs before their own.

According to D. Richard Mills, Doctor of Psychometrics at Cambridge University’s Psychometric Center, “Our research shows that Nissan drivers are generally seen as trusting, soft-hearted, generous and sympathetic. They are considerate and friendly, and think other people are honest and decent, as opposed to competitive and self-interested.”

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Needless to say, Nissan is over the moon about these findings. Unfortunately, the study also determined that a good majority of Nissan drivers are already “settled in comfortable long-term relationships.” So, if you find a single one, it’s in your best interest to act fast.