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Nissan’s Super-Compact EV Drives Car Sharing Service in City of Yokohama

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A car-sharing service, a joint venture of the City of Yokohama and Nissan Motor Co., features the Nissan New Mobility Concept car, a super-compact electric vehicle.
Photo: Nissan

“Choimobi Yokohama,” a round-trip car-sharing service, made possible by the Nissan Motor Corporation and the City of Yokohama, makes traveling around Yokohama easier and much more adorable.

The Nissan New Mobility Concept car, a pint-sized electric vehicle (EV), is the wheels driving this car-sharing service. According to Nissan, Japanese-licensed drivers need a Japanese-issued credit card as well as a smartphone to register online for the service. After reserving a spot, which can be done approximately 30 minutes prior to use, drivers can then access the tiny, yet nimble ride from 14 locations in proximity to Yokohama Station. Drivers can incur a max daily charge of 3,000 yen—a 15 minute ride costs 250 yen with a 200 yen basic charge, according to Nissan.

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The idea for Choimobi Yokohama started years ago because Nissan and the City of Yokohama wanted to find a way “to encourage low-emission transport options, improve the quality of transportation and promote tourism.”  In 2013, a two-year trial of Japan’s first one-way EV car-sharing service started and in 2015, grew to include the rental of these vehicles to local businesses and tour guides, according to Nissan. The current incarnation of the EV car-sharing service is designed to “promote ultra-compact mobility and build a sustainable business model through public-private cooperation,” said Nissan.

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Local businesses will be able to secure long-term rentals of these vehicles through the current car-sharing service and these cars will also facilitate guided tours showcasing central Yokohama, said Nissan.

“As the leader in zero-emission mobility, Nissan continues to seek ways to harness ultra-compact electric vehicles to improve transportation and the quality of life,” according to a statement from the Nissan Motor Corporation.

News Source: Nissan