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[VIDEO] Chris Forsberg Drifts a Nissan 370Z Under a Semi Truck

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Chris Forsberg Drifting

Have you ever been cruising along on the highway, bored out of your mind, wondering what it would be like to drive your car under one of those big rig trailers like they do in the movies? At Red Bull Drift Shifters in New Zealand, that dream became a reality for Formula Drift champ, Chris Forsberg. Thanks to the magic of GoPro cameras, we get to see this stunt take place from Chris’s perspective:

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The vehicle he’s driving is a highly modified Nissan 370Z with a V8 engine swapped in. Surprisingly, Chris stood loyal to the Nissan brand by using the V8 from a Nissan Titan rather than opting for the more popular LS swap. Nissan Z cars have always been popular in the drifting scene thanks to their simple design, light weight, and rear-wheel drive setup.

Chris Forsberg Nissan 370Z

Photo credit: Mathew Cerasoli via Flickr

Typically semi trailers aren’t high enough for this kind of stunt to work, but if you look closely, it seems that the semi truck’s wheels are raised on platforms. Drift cars are also modified so that they ride much lower than they did from the factory. People who try this on public roads, however, would certainly be top contenders for the Darwin Award.

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