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[WATCH] Two New Weird Mario Mercedes Commercials

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Back in May, Mercedes-Benz announced that it would be teaming up with Nintendo in order to promote its GLA. Part of this partnership involved the inclusion of the Mercedes-Benz GLA as DLC in Mario Kart 8, and that was a good thing. Another part of this partnership resulted in a very off-the-wall commercial that featured a super-buff Mario making this face:

Weird Mario Mercedes Commercials

That was a weird thing.

Well, folks, if you like weirdness, then batten down the hatches. We’ve got two more live-action Mario Mercedes commercials for you, and the good news is that they have got enough weirdness to last you for months.

The first one features a terrifying iteration of Peach:

Weird Mario Mercedes Commercials

Her red GLA finishes ahead of Mario’s silver GLA, and as she stares down everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, she has the wherewithal to jump over a green shell that comes whizzing from out of nowhere.

Mario’s reaction:

Weird Mario Mercedes Commercials

The second one follows a similar formula, except this time he’s racing against his brother Luigi:

Weird Mario Mercedes Commercial

Who slips on a banana peel:

Weird Mario Mercedes Commercial

Causing Mario to do this:

Weird Mario Mercedes Commercial

Wow. Well, I certainly can’t wait for the next installment, which hopefully features a live-action race on Rainbow Road and is directed by David Lynch.

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