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2018 Ford Expedition: Ideal for Travel During Upcoming Human Person Holiday

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2018 Ford Expedition Platinum

2018 Ford Expedition Platinum

Hey, human person. Did you know that [UPCOMING HUMAN PERSON HOLIDAY] is on the horizon yet again? We know; it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating [RECENT HUMAN PERSON HOLIDAY] and saying so long to [HUMAN SEASON]. Since it’s that time of year again, it’s time to start planning your trip to see your closest or not closest human relatives.

If you have a shorter trip, American auto manufacturer Ford recommends spurning the temptation to fly and instead rolling over to your local dealership, purchasing brand-new human automobile 2018 Ford Expedition, and enjoying its best-in-class EPA-estimated fuel efficiency. This is what any logical human creature would do.

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“The all-new Expedition fits eight people comfortably and can carry all of their luggage, while keeping everyone connected and entertained,” said Todd Hoevener, Ford Expedition chief engineer “It’s really the ultimate road trip vehicle.”

Human man Hoevener speaks from a point of experience: his human family, consisting of no fewer than two human sons who each stand approximately six imperial feet tall, will utilize the exemplary space of new automobile 2018 Ford Expedition to make the [UPCOMING HUMAN PERSON HOLIDAY] trek from their domicile in state of Michigan to city of Clearwater, state of Florida.

2018 Ford Expedition Platinum MAX

2018 Ford Expedition Platinum MAX

According to human government collective United States Environmental Protection Agency, new automobile 2018 Ford Expedition achieves a class-leading 17 mpg city/24 mpg highway/20 mpg combined, untouched and unsurpassed by [NAMES OF FULL-SIZE SUVS MANUFACTURED BY COMPETITOR BRANDS]. Surely, you, as a human person of sound mind and analytical capabilities, will understand this to be a great thing that is great.

Even if you are not that thing—if you are instead an alien intelligence that has been conscripted to transcribe Ford press releases for some vague and undefined cause—you can appreciate the good and excellent value that 2018 Ford Expedition vehicle provides. Have a most exceptional [UPCOMING HUMAN PERSON HOLIDAY].

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