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2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is Most Efficient Small Van at 29 MPG

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2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon

Go back about a decade and find someone on the street. Ask them if they think it’s possible for a van to get 29 mpg on the highway. Don’t stop to do anything else. Definitely don’t bet on baseball games or buy shares in Google. Just ask that question and get into the time machine. Please don’t mess this up for us.

Chances are good that the answer you’d receive in this scenario would be a firm no. Welp, you could, theoretically, tell that denizen of 2008 that there is such a van: the 2019 Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon. You, of course, wouldn’t want to do this because it would tell that person that you are in fact a time-traveler and would immediately warp the time-space continuum in an irreparable and potentially cataclysmic way.

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But, yes, it’s true: The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon’s 2.0-liter engine gets an EPA-estimated 29 mpg on the highway in addition to 24 mpg in the city and 26 mpg combined, making it the best-in-class gas-engine-powered van on the market today. Efficiency is even better with the Transit Connect Passenger Wagon equipped with the 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel, which is expected to deliver at least 30 mpg on the highway.

And that’s pretty mind-blowing, is it not? So mind-blowing that you’d probably wow someone from 2008 if you traveled back in time and did that. But you wouldn’t do that, would you, because doing that might unleash a horrific butterfly affect that could result in dire consequences like the election of a bigoted TV con-man to the highest office of the executive branch and … oh no. What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?

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