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The 2020 Ford Taurus Lives (in the Middle East)

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2020 Ford Taurus
2020 Ford Taurus
Photo: Ford Motor Company

If you are among those who laments the unfortunate demise of the Ford Taurus, there is hope for you. There is an all-new 2020 Ford Taurus out there, but in order to drive it, you’ll merely need to pick up stakes and move out to the Middle East. Given the early onset of winter weather in a lot of America, maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

The all-new Ford Taurus debuted in the Middle East this month, boasting a bold new look that comes straight from the Ford Asia Pacific Design Studio in Australia. The vehicle itself is the result of a global collaboration — its CD4 platform comes from America and its interior and technology comes from a team effort between teams in Australia, China, and the Middle East.

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“It really was a truly global effort,” said Ross Jardine, chief project engineer for Taurus. “From design to development, the collaborative work that went into the Taurus has really helped Ford to create a truly exceptional car.”

The global effort behind the 2020 Ford Taurus is a testament to the Ford Global Manufacturing process. Built in the Changan Ford Hangzhou Plant in eastern China, the new Taurus has undergone substantial quality control testing to ensure that every element of the car meets a certain expectation of excellence.  

“Regardless of where vehicles are built geographically in the Ford world, we follow the Global Manufacturing process to ensure consistent high levels of quality are achieved.” Jardine said.

To ensure its readiness for the region, Ford leveraged its Middle Eastern product development team to put the 2020 Taurus through its paces this past summer. According to Chief Resident Engineer for Ford Direct Markets Ziyad Dallalah, the Taurus passed with flying colors and stands as one of the most comfortable vehicles Ford offers.

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Photos: 2020 Ford Taurus Debuts in Middle East