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Will the GMC Granite Rock Our World in 2020?

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2010 GMC Granite Concept
2010 GMC Granite Concept
Photo: © General Motors

Back in 2010, GMC debuted the Granite concept at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. While that was a hot minute ago, GMC has just renewed its trademark on the Granite nameplate — for the fourth time. Previous filings occurred in 2009, 2010, and 2015. While there’s no guarantee that GMC will put this blocky little vehicle into production, the Granite would fill a niche in the automaker’s lineup. The subcompact SUV would the smallest-ever GMC vehicle, allowing the automaker to compete with the Jeep Renegade, Ford EcoSport, and Mazda CX-3.

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A look back at the concept

The concept Granite was a blocky crossover, designed to be a wagon for young urban professionals looking to haul their friends and outdoor adventure gear. It had reconfigurable seats and rear-hinged back doors with no pillar in between, allowing you to easily load bulky items into the cabin.

Its size sets it apart from the rest of the GMC lineup. Its 103.6-inch wheelbase makes it comparable to the Chevy Cobalt, but the Granite’s overall length is more than a foot shorter. Complementing its length, the GMC Granite concept is a whopping 70.3 inches wide and 60.5 inches tall. That cube-like design gives it exceptional maneuverability and storage capacity.

In terms of aesthetics, GMC reps compare the Granite to an urban loft apartment — industrial on the outside, but warm and personalized on the inside. Its exterior sports hard lines and intersecting planes, while its cabin boasts suede-like Nubuck appointments and satin-finish trim. There’s not a hint of chrome in sight, either — staying true to its industrial theme, the Granite sports brushed metal trim instead.

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We’re not holding our breath for a 2020 Granite — after all, GMC has renewed the trademark previous times without putting the subcompact SUV into production. However, it would make sense for GMC to break into the ever-popular subcompact SUV market. Only time will tell if the GMC Granite will ever make it out of the quarry.

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