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2021 Buick Encore Production Has Begun

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2021 Buick Encore production
The 2021 Buick Encore is expected to look much the same as the 2020 model (pictured)
Photo: Buick

When General Motors introduced the Encore GX, the intention was to replace the original Encore model with a bigger, more advanced vehicle. However, these plans fell through for the best reason possible: the regular Encore is still selling like hotcakes. Since its introduction back in 2013, the current Encore design has been a consistent best seller, often ranking as one of the top three best-selling vehicles in its segment. That success seems set to continue, as 2021 Buick Encore production has been underway since June.

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2021 Buick Encore production continues in South Korea

On May 29, GM’s Bupyeong production plant ceased production of the 2020 Buick Encore. Only three days later, on June 1, production began on its 2021 upgrade. The manufacturing process has been ongoing ever since. Specs released so far for the 2021 Encore confirm that only a few minor changes are coming to the vehicle. The number of available trim levels is being halved, with two being dropped and only the base and Preferred trims being held over. The new Encore will also see a shift in color options, with two choices being dropped and three new ones being added. The addition of Forward Collision Alert to its list of safety features has also been confirmed.

With only minor changes expected, the 2021 Encore is likely to be sold in the same $23,000 price range as the 2020 model. In addition to the final price, another unknown is its release date. With the vehicle still only two months into production, estimates place its release window somewhere in the spring of 2021.

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The Encore holds the distinction of being the oldest-running Buick model. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like the beloved subcompact crossover is going away anytime soon.