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4 Consequences of Not Driving Your Car Regularly

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Battery jumper cables connected to a car
Photo: The News Wheel

If your commute has become non-existent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are your car has been sidelined to the garage. If your car is sitting idle for long stretches of time, it’s at risk for damage and deterioration.

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Lost charge

Before lockdown, your battery probably had a more potent charge. Not driving it, though, has drained its power. Check its strength and be prepared to replace it with a new battery once your driving schedule gets back on track.

flat tire on a blue car
Flat tire
Photo: stux via Pixabay

Compromised tires

Tires are designed to spin. When they sit idle, they not only lose pressure, but they can also develop flat spots. Even if you’re not driving your car regularly or at all, you still need to practice tire maintenance so you don’t end up with four out-of-commission tires when you’re ready to hit the road.

Unwanted residents

If you’re not driving your car, you’re probably not cleaning it either. So, the food wrappers or assorted trash you left in there the last time you drove are still in there beckoning ants and bugs to come on in and enjoy a treat. If you don’t want to be greeted by unwanted residents or a pungent smell, you should clean out your car’s cabin.

sticky tree sap and pine needles sitting on a car's paint
Photo: The News Wheel

Outside surprises

If your car is parked on the street, it’s vulnerable to outside elements that can damage your car’s exterior. Bird poop and tree sap that sit on your car can corrode its finish.

“Bird poo consists of uric acids, and that’s not water-soluble, which means it’s a nightmare to remove one spot, let alone dozens. Like tree sap, bird poop can penetrate the clear coat — the car’s protective layer,” according to Reader’s Digest writer Lisa Marie Conklin.

She recommends washing off the offending substances with car wash soap as soon as possible to help protect the integrity of your vehicle.

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Some preventative maintenance and attention to your car will help it be ready to go when you’re ready to resume your normal driving habits.