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4 Things That Might Surprise You About Your Car Insurance

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Car insurance is a must if you own and drive a car. It can be as comprehensive or bare-bones as you need it to be to fit your driving needs. No matter what policy you choose, though, car insurance can cover a range of surprising things. Here is a closer look at some unusual things comprehensive and collision car insurance policies may cover.

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Mother Nature

Sometimes it isn’t other drivers who cause damage to your car — it’s Mother Nature. If you have comprehensive coverage and your car is harmed from a wildfire, windstorm, or earthquake, the repairs may be covered.

“When the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupted in 2018, it sent lava through residential areas, destroying everything in its path. Fortunately, anyone who lost a car to the lava flow was likely reimbursed by their auto insurance, assuming they had comprehensive coverage,” according to writer Maryalene LaPonsie.


Now that fall is here, the risk of colliding with a deer increases. A collision with a deer may leave your vehicle severely damaged or totaled.

“Having a comprehensive policy can also come in handy for other damage caused by animals, such as rodents making a home under the hood and chewing up wires,” LaPonsie adds.


Recovering from a car accident requires time, and often medical assistance. If you’re unable to work, you’re subject to lost wages, but your car insurance may be able to help.

“If you’re seriously injured in a car accident, insurance can cover lost wages — not just for the time you were in the hospital, but also future lost wages if you can’t work because of accident injuries,” according to contributor Christopher Elliott.

Pet care

A car accident can cause harm to your passengers, including your four-legged, furry family members. If that happens, you may earn assistance to pay for your pet’s care from your collision coverage car insurance policy, according to LaPonsie.

Since policies can vary, it’s smart to shop around for the best price and coverage to fit your driving needs.